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Most Anticipated of 2019

Y'all, there are SO many new releases coming out this year that have me excited, and searching desperately to find more time in my schedule to READ. These are just a few that I think you should be on the look out for too! Royally Bound by Fiona Tulle - Okay, so full disclosure, I've the pleasure of Alpha reading this one and OH MY GOD. You need to read this. I mean it. Fiona's stepping out in 2019 and this one, is going to be EPIC. Preorder Royally Bound here: Amazon: Kobo: Nook: iBooks: Royally Bitten by Lexi C. Foss - The second book in this new series. I may have gotten a beta copy and ... yeah. It's a good thing because I don't think I could have handled the wait. I'm already looking for book 3. Preorder Royally Bitten her: Amazon: Tainted Forever by Terri Anne Browning - She's hands down, one of my favs
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Top Reads of 2018

With the new year fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to do a recap of some of my favorite reads from 2018. Shockingly, I haven't read nearly as many books this year, in part because I've been busy writing my own but there were a few that I really loved. Here they are, in no particular order: Hate Notes by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland - these two are easily in my top ten favorite authors of all time and this release DID NOT disappoint. The Wrong Game by Kandi Steiner - as far as sports romances go -this was awesome. I'm pretty sure this was also my first read from Kandi (and yeah, I've totally been missing out.) Addicted Hearts Duet by Jane Anthony - What I love about this book is that Jane didn't shy away from tough topics. There was no glossing over the struggle these two characters battled everyday. Yes the story is a little on the darker side but there is a silver lining. Pretty Reckless destroyed me, but Pretty Ugly - helped put me back

Admitting My Weakness...

Y'all, let's get real here...A good woman knows her weakness(es), and can admit them (most of the time). I am REALLY good at making a plan. And then forgetting to consult the plan or stick to it. Here we are, the 1st of November, and I've done exactly 3 blog posts this year after "planning" to blog more in 2018. In fact, if memory serves me right, I wrote the very first blog post here - in November of 2017. I've learned a whole lot since then. (No really, I have.) About myself, about this industry and about time management. <----see that those last to words there? THAT is one of my weaknesses. I tend to put EVERYONE else first. I come last, and by the time I get to ME, guess what? I'm tired, and basically done for. At the end of 2017, I set a "word"/ goal for myself for 2018. That word/goal was GROWTH. In 2018, I wanted to transition more firmly into an author role. (For those of you who don't know, I also run Forever Valentine P

From Panster to Puzzle Master

Pardon the total and utter randomness that is happening here. My goal in the new year is to blog more, a long with like seventy-billion other things. Let's put that aside though and start here. Since, this is where I'm at, right this moment. As most of you know, right now, I'm working on Cop Blocked (book 4 - holy shit - in the Too Hot To Handle Series). And I know a lot of times, readers or other authors will ask, what's our thought process when we write. So, I present to you - some behind the scenes randomness about how my writing method has evolved. When I first started writing Take Back My Heart, I may have made a few notes - here or there, but I was totally a panster (writing from the seat of my pants). I started at the beginning and wrote until the characters told me to stop. That - was my first book. Come Back to Me I was literally at the 50% mark in the story when inspiration hit and then ENDING came to me so clearly that I had to stop where I was an


I'm starting off my 2018 goals a little early. With just a month left in 2017, I figured - now is the prefect time to begin getting things together. One of the things I want to do is spend more time giving my readers pieces of me. That means more blog posts. Behind the scenes and news. This blog is one more way for me to connect with you. Looking for other ways to connect with me: Sign up for my newsletter: (You'll get one - maybe two - emails a month. Exclusives and up to the minute news.) Follow me on Amazon for up to the minute release info: Join my reader group: Give me a 'like': Follow me on Twitter: @AValentine1411 Stay tuned for what happens next!